The history of Örtækni

Örtækni was founded in 1976.

Starfólk Örtækni

In its founding years, Örtækni worked with the University of Iceland in the development and production of weighting scales designed for fishing ships. Later, Marel was founded around that production.

Taximeters for taxis and other rented cars were designed and produced by Örtækni for many years. Taximeters were also calibrated and authorized regularly. Örtækni also took care of repairs and other services for the taximeters.

Örtækni worked with Landssími Íslands (Icelandic telephone company) for many years and handled all repairs and maintenances of phones for the organization along with other projects.

In the early 90‘s, Örtækni began production of computer cables. Since then, Örtækni has specialized in production, sale and service to all kinds of cables and interfaces for the technology industry. The demand for computer cables and interfaces has multiplied since then. Örtækni has made an impact as the only distributor in Iceland that specializes in computer cables and accessories.

For many years Örtækni operated sewing and knitting workshop.

Örtækni operates a cleaning department that takes care of daily cleaning of the apartment buildings at Hátún 10, the common rooms of Skógarhlíð 14, along with the offices of Reykjavík Fire Department, National Coast Guard and others in Skógarhlíð 14.

Production and sale in Örtækni, technology workshop

Working area Ortaekni

Our specialty is cables, both computer cables and most other kinds of cables, specially made and imported. We produce Ethernet cables in 13 colors, both Cat-5e and Cat-6. All our Ethernet cable production is according to highest standards, and we put ambition into giving the costumer a great product, at a good price.

We also sell switchboxes, signal splitters, hubs, switches, USB interfaces along with many other things related to computers.

Another part of Örtækni is the production of printed circuit boards (PCB). Components are placed both by hand and by using a pick-and-place robot. Most of the equipment we make is tested and finished by us. Örtækni is the only company in Iceland that offers this service.

We sell software and hardware for people with disabilities. For example we have software for blind people, visually impaired people and people with dyslexia, also development software's for children. We also sell special mice and keyboards for the disabled and braille displays and printers for the blind, along with other things for people with disabilities.

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The goal of Örtækni is to give people with disabilities temporary job training and/or work, either temporary or indefinite and serve the disabled by sale and maintenance of assistance equipment for the disabled.

Örtækni is an independent company, owned by Öryrkjabandalag Íslands (Organization of Disabled in Iceland), and is operated on its responsibility. Örtækni whole employee quantity is 30-40 people in 20-25 positions. In the technology workshop are normally around 15-20 employees, most of them disabled.

Managing Director is Þorsteinn Jóhannsson
Manager of Ortaekni techincal workshop is Hartmann Kr. Gudmundsson
Supervisors in cleanding department are Gunnar Friðleifsson and Margrét Júlíusdóttir

Map of Hatun and surroundings

Hatuni 10c
105 Reykjavik
Direct telephone to the store: +354 552 6801